Pet Boarding

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Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding

Pet boarding is a convenient service that provides short-term pet care while you are away. Some people do this while they work during the day, and other people do it when they go out of town and have no one to watch or care for their fur babies. For the time being, we are not boarding unless a medical problem is apparent. Paradise Kennels, located next to our hospital, is in the area for any required boarding needs.

Pet Boarding Preparation Checklist

  • If you’re considering boarding your pet, there are a few things to sort out and consider to ensure that your pet will be comfortable.
  • Find out if the boarding location is at home, a kennel, or a veterinary office. Each will offer different benefits and has different drawbacks.
  • Ensure that your pet has the proper vaccinations well in advance. Some pet-boarders require Bordetella, for example, 30 days prior to your pet’s arrival. Our vet can help you with proper vaccinations.
  • Write down your pet’s behavioral issues, quirks, and habits that work with your pet the best. Giving this information to the boarder will help ensure that your pet is well-cared for.

Pet Boarding with Our Augusta Veterinarian

The primary reason people choose to board their pets with our veterinarian is that it gives peace of mind. If any medical issues arise, your pet is already on-site with our vet, saving precious treatment time. There are several other benefits, including:

  • There might be cost savings involved compared to other boarding locations, depending on many factors.
  • Admittance to animal emergency centers is not hampered by certain authorizations or paperwork needed.
  • Our veterinary team has a lot of love for pets and will be extremely compassionate with your pet in your absence.
  • Playtimes are offered to allow your pets to socialize with new friends. This is good for your pet’s mental and physical health.
  • If you forget a toy or favorite food, our veterinarian always has supplies on hand.

Other Services with Pet Boarding

While your pet is at our animal hospital, it’s extremely convenient to have several other services done for your pet, such as nail trimming, grooming, medical treatments, or preventative care. This capability makes boarding with our vet far more attractive, as it saves everyone time. You get to pick up your furry friend with everything complete, you are both happy to see each other, and you get to focus on just relaxing together when you get home.

Paradise Animal Hospital Veterinary Services

We offer a full range of services at Paradise Animal Hospital, including bloodwork, boarding, dentistry, end-of-life care, emergency/urgent care, heartworm treatment & prevention, microchipping, nail trimming, new pet visits, preventative care, puppy & kitten care, radiology, senior pet wellness, spay/neuter, surgery, vaccinations, & wellness exams. If you have any questions regarding any of our services, please contact Paradise Animal Hospital in Augusta, GA, or call us at 706-860-4544.