Veterinary Services

At Paradise Animal Hospital, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. Our compassionate, skillful staff is here to help when you need us most. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Veterinary Services

Learn more about the services we provide below.

Pet Bloodwork

Blood work is a basic evaluation tool. Pets, particularly those in their senior years, should have a CBC at every annual examination. Blood work allows a veterinarian to monitor the progression of a pet’s disease.

Pet Dentistry

Paradise Animal Hospital in Augusta wants you to know that for your four-legged family members, their teeth are important not only for eating, communicating, and self-defense but also as their primary way of handling objects and interacting with the world around them.

Pet End-Of-Life Care

Saying goodbye to your beloved friend will be one of the hardest things you have to do – you do not have to do it alone. We are here for you.

Pet Microchipping

Microchips are known for helping to reunite owners with their pets. A microchip is a very small, electronic device that takes the place of a dog collar or your pet’s neck tag, which can be easily lost or removed.

Pet Emergency/Urgent Care

Our team offers emergency and urgent care services for crisis situations that may arise with your pet. In the event of an emergency, call our facility without delay, so we can be prepared when you bring your pet in.

Pet Heartworm Treatment & Prevention

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease in pets in the United States and many other parts of the world.

Pet Preventative Care

Preventative pet care helps avert sickness and disease so your pet can enjoy a longer, healthier lifespan.

Pet Nail Trimming

Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed is important for a number of reasons, such as helping to prevent pain, injury, and damage.

New Pet Visits

We are dedicated to the proper care of your pet. Through education, preventive care, and careful management of medical needs, we will help you enjoy your pet for as many years as possible. We are always excepting new clients. 

Senior Pet Wellness

Your pets are so much a part of your life that it is easy to miss signs and signals that all is not well, especially for older pets that may be slowing down on their own.

Puppy & Kitten Care

Our dedicated veterinarian, Dr. Steven Knittel, offers high-quality and compassionate kitten and puppy care, as well as care options for rabbits and ferrets.

Pet Radiology

With the advances in digital x-ray technology, we can now manipulate the digital images that we take off a pet’s systems to see what is wrong. This has allowed us to detect things like hairline fractures and orthopedic conditions that were previously not visible.

Pet Vaccinations

Our facility offers core and non-core vaccinations to protect your pet against life-threatening diseases. Our Augusta, GA, veterinarian can help you determine what vaccines to give your pet to maintain optimal health.

Pet Spay/Neuter

Spaying or neutering your pet is a common recommendation for a number of reasons. For one, spay and neuter surgeries help control unwanted pregnancy and shelter overcrowding.

Pet Surgery

If your pet requires surgery, our veterinarian will walk you through the procedure, so you fully understand what to expect. We perform such common surgeries as spay/neuter procedures, tooth extraction, orthopedic, and soft tissue surgeries.

Pet Wellness Exams

Vet care is an ongoing process. By establishing an ongoing relationship with your pet by way of annual check-ups, our veterinarian increases the likelihood of picking up on any potential and growing problems.