Pet Wellness Care

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Pet Wellness Care

Wellness Care

Getting a pet is an exciting and challenging time in any family. Whether you are new to the pet ownership world or are a seasoned veteran, each animal is unique, and they all bring their own challenges. One of the many aspects essential to owning any type of pet is regular visits to a veterinarian. Preventative care is vital to keep your furry friend in top shape and to prevent any nasty surprises in the future. At Paradise Animal Hospital in GA, we love your animal as much as you do. We believe regular check-ups and vaccinations are as vital to your pet’s well-being as to yourself.

How will regular exams help your pet?

Vet care is an ongoing process. By establishing an ongoing relationship with your pet by way of annual check-ups, our veterinarian increases the likelihood of picking up on any potential and growing problems. If we know your dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, reptile, or bird, we will get to know their behavior and notice when something is not right with them. Leaving an illness too long without a diagnosis can not only cause your pet further pain, but also cause additional expense for you.

What should I expect during my pet’s wellness exam?

Each year, you come to our clinic in Augusta, GA, where our veterinarian will perform a full medical examination on your pet. While we give your animal a physical exam, we will be certain to check the following aspects of your pets’ well-being:

  • Check that weight and size are correct for their age and breed
  • Check that their hearts, lungs, and joints are in good health
  • Check and discuss dental care
  • Check your pets’ eyes, ears, and throats
  • Address any lifestyle issues relating to exercise requirements and diet
  • Combat any behavioral issues
  • Perform blood, skin, and stool tests
  • Check over past medical conditions

At Paradise Animal Hospital, we believe in an ongoing and holistic approach to vet care. That is why we strongly encourage you to bring your pets to us if you live in Augusta, GA, for an annual wellness check-up. Stop the small problems from getting out of control. It’s also a great time to ask us any questions you may have regarding your furry family member.

Paradise Animal Hospital Veterinary Services

We offer a full range of services at Paradise Animal Hospital, including bloodwork, dentistry, end-of-life care, emergency/urgent care, heartworm treatment & prevention, microchipping, nail trimming, new pet visits, preventative care, puppy & kitten care, radiology, senior pet wellness, spay/neuter, surgery, vaccinations, & wellness exams. If you have any questions regarding any of our services, please contact Paradise Animal Hospital in Augusta, GA, or call us at 706-860-4544.