Senior Pet Wellness Care

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Senior Pet Wellness Care

Senior Pets

Paradise Animal Hospital in Augusta, GA, wants to raise awareness about the importance of senior pet care. Your pets are so much a part of your life that it is easy to miss signs and signals that all is not well, especially for older pets that may be slowing down on their own. Senior wellness visits allow your veterinarian to observe changes as they occur in your senior pet and to look for signs that there may be deeper health problems and not just simple aging at play.

Senior Pet Wellness/Preventative Care

Far too often, pet owners dismiss preventative care as something that only younger animals need. Older pets are still vulnerable to many illnesses, parasites, and diseases. Pet wellness checks and senior pet care can help your veterinarian discover symptoms of cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal degeneration so you can work together to prevent or delay blindness.

That is only the beginning. Continuing to administer vaccinations on schedule can prevent a wide range of pet illnesses, even in senior pets. Pet owners should never stop worrying about conditions like heartworms, either. These are just a few of the conditions that senior pets face that your veterinarian can help you avoid or begin early treatment for through routine wellness checks and preventative care.

Benefits of Routine Pet Exams for Senior Animals

There are plenty of benefits to consider when it comes to pet exams for senior animals. Early detection is the only way to spare pets the pain of many diseases that primarily affect older pets. Early detection allows for early treatment and, in some cases, early cures. This provides pet owners with peace of mind and allows them to feel confident that their pets are getting the best possible care.

Why Senior Pets Need More Attention

Just as aging people need a little more medical attention, so do aging pets. It’s the circle of life, and your pet may experience aches and pains that you’ll never know about. Your pets love you and will hide their pain from you. A veterinarian can see through the brave front your pet puts on and embark on a mission to eliminate the pain so your pet can experience a greater quality of life in its golden years.

Paradise Animal Hospital in Augusta, GA, is here to help you with all your senior pet care needs and is ready to suggest changes in diets, dietary supplements, and other remedies to help make your pet more comfortable as it approaches the end of its time with you. Contact us today to learn more about our senior pet wellness services and what we have to offer your pet.

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